Aboutmeemo - Far Away feat. Stuart Epps 

During this mockdown i got so creative and i wrote about 12 new songs, a full album concept on the way... Which probably gonna see the light next year.

Below you will find my newest single "Circus Mantra" with a videoclip by Antonio Zannone.

Different team too in this release!!

Gianluca Merenda is on drums, and Roberto Proietti Cignitti (Container Audio Room) on Mixing and Mastering.

90% of stuff recorded in Aboutmeemo's house/studio.

The song is about duality, and the non sense of human relations in this world.

This circus illustration represent the story about fake relation on people habit, some of them still playing circus while there is target marked on the head, there is a scar on the bear (playing this fake relation to death) and sad circus player understanding all of this with black cat entertain him while the circus tent is under fire on a clear sky background (represent happy and dark at the same time).

CIRCUS MANTRA here it comes!