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Meet Mimmo Ripa, the multitalented musician who
transcends boundaries as a guitarist, bassist, songwriter,
artistic producer, and vocalist. Hailing from Italy but now
calling the captivating landscapes of Connemara, Ireland
home, Mimmo's musical journey is an odyssey of self-expression and exploration. From his early days as a self-taught bassist and guitarist, Mimmo's love f
or music propelled him forward, inspiring him to craft captivating melodies and poignant lyrics. With a deep-
rooted connection to his original compositions, he pours his
soul into every song, creating a profound and personal musical experience. Throughout his career, Mimmo has lent his talents to various bands. Even as a teenager, Mimmo embarked on his first solo project, Jeremy's Mere Touch, and later explored the realm of grunge with his Bleeding Scar persona. Fuelled by influences like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins, his music became a vehicle for catharsis and self-expression. In addition to Aboutmeemo, Mimmo has lent his skills to various bands in Ireland, including Between the Lines, Sean
Daly & The Shams and the acoustic duo Grungehippies. His
commitment to musical excellence extends to his parallel
hard rock duo project, Bursting Wonderland, where he
continues to write and arrange music. Mimmo's talents have not gone unnoticed, as he finds himself affiliated with Merf's songwriter division in Nashville. His song "Far Out" caught the attention of legendary producer Stuart Epps, renowned for his work with icons such as Elton John, Led Zeppelin and Oasis. Epps contributed to a new release adding his backing vocals and further enhancing the song's
impact with his mixing and mastering skills. He even enlisted the talents of Johnny Marter to record additional tracks, elevating the project to new heights.
Aboutmeemo announces his 3rd album under M&O Music
label, set for release in November. The first single, "Feel Safe Again" drops on June 26th, heralding a return to raw,
unadulterated rock devoid of gimmicks and shiny hooks.
Brace yourself for an electrifying musical experience.

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