Mimmo Ripa is a guitarist, bassist, songwriter, artistic producer and vocalist. He started teaching himself to play the bass as a teenager in Italy, quickly moving on to the guitar in order to create better melodies. A shy, reflective child, he fell in love with the guitar’s ability to carry him to new worlds and to express his feelings freely. Once he mastered the instrument, he began writing lyrics and learnt to sing them. He feels very strongly about his original music: “I can’t sing anything, but my own songs, because they are part of me, I can tell my soul.”

Mimmo played with several bands in Italy, including punk bands Gioventù Bruciata ("Wasted Youth"), formed Blood 77 - punk street rock n roll playing guitar, then joined the crossover hardcore metal influenced band Oltre Confine playing bass and the indie rock band Nulla Tace ("Nothing is silent") and many other projects which got lost along the way and never made it to the recording studio. His first solo project was called Jeremy's Mere Touch, when Mimmo was only 15 years old, he wrote the music and arrangements in the song "Vibrations", a tribute to the magic of music in his life. He also wrote and played solo under the name Bleeding Scar, a grunge project characterized by influences like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins. Rock and grunge have always appealed to Mimmo’s need to shout out loud the intimate parts of himself.

After a while, he felt a need to move to a new place and was drawn to Ireland. The rain and dark atmosphere of his chosen homeland matched his artistry. He also knew that he needed a place where he could do his song writing in English.

Once in Ireland, Mimmo moved on to a softer sound and began his current solo project, Aboutmeemo. His newer music still carries the mark of grunge but is also shaped by his passion of soft rock artists like Jeff Buckley, Stone Temple Pilots, Ben Harper, Backyard Babies and Omar Pedrini (Timoria).

Aboutmeemo’s first album “Souvenirs” showcases his soulful vocals and versatile song writing, giving him a strong platform to grow his following. He focuses on honesty, a true balance between technology and instrumentation and expressing himself without fear of genre recognition. Mimmo’s dedication and motivation shine through with every note – it is clear to any listener that he is supremely talented and is doing the work he was meant to do.

In addition to Aboutmeemo, Mimmo has also played with a few bands in Ireland, including playing bass with Between the Lines, rhythm guitar for Sean Daly & The Shams, with few tours in his cv around Ireland and Bay area in USA, as well in acoustic duo Grungehippies. He is currently producing his parallel hard rock duo project Bursting Wonderland writing music and arrangements for it. 


Nowadays Aboutmeemo is a member of songwriter’s division of Merf of Nashville. One of his songs "Far out" was scouted by Stuart Epps who worked with: Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Twisted Sister, Jimmy Page, Oasis, just to name a few. The legendary producer contributed in a new release and a new version of "Far Out", added his backing vocals, mixed and mastered the song, as well invited Johnny Marter to record additional tracks.