“Souvenirs” is a great indie alternative rock one. From beginning to end, no weak points, no fillers, it’s all-killer material. As a matter of fact, I’m curious about what Aboutmeemo will do next, it’s quite a task to top this one. Profound, assertive, moody at times, hopeful at others, the result is some of the most intense and what truly feels like meaningful music. By the time you reach the final track, “Up Here”, you would have understood that Aboutmeemo is the real thing in a musical world of sham and hype. Rough around the edges but rocking, poetic and penetrating on the inside “Souvenirs”, takes us into Aboutmeemo’s alternative rock vision. This is a must have, if you’re tired of the watered down pop, or the cloned rock that has drowned out the real music scene for the past few years.”


“The lyrics are strong with a grittiness in vocals. The music however, is relaxing and makes you want to sit back and listen. The soft airiness in this alternative song with grunge qualities will inspire.While the overall feel of Souvenirs is alternative, a grunge influence can be heard throughout. Grunge is making a comeback in music, only it is a new sound of grunge, which is better. Overall, this album will be one to chillax to, so to speak. The guitars, bass, and drums are played with passion.”

                                                                                             ROCK DOCUMENTED

"His most celebrated release so far, ‘Souvenirs’ is a twelve-track collection of dynamic alt. rock. Bringing influences from his life growing up in Italy and Ireland, Ripa’s sound is a clear evolution on Seattle’s cult scene. Infused with a heavy grunge vibe, the album is filled with visceral droning guitars, heavy bass notes, and atmospherics that just get heavier as the album rolls on. Tracks like ‘Shapeshifter’, ‘432 Hertz Mind’, and the album’s title track all creak along with the classic Seattle sound, bringing all the old anthemics to the modern era. It’s not all lingering, growling anthems though, and ‘Souvenirs’ knows how to bring the high intensity cuts sure enough. bringing to a close one of the most authentic, modern grunge album we came across."

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